Hello! To start my blog off right, I thought I would share with everyone (if anyone exists) my top 5 favorite blogs. Now, this task was not as easy as it may seem for I have stored in my computer numerous blogs categorized into subjects such as fashion, illustration, and photography – plus the ones lined up amongst my bookmark bar. But, after a long and thoughtful process, I have managed to narrow it down to the 5 I think are the best:


Sandra Beijer has a wardrobe I dream to own, eats food I’d kill to eat, has friends I’d like to hang out with, and lives a life full of fun, travel, and pure enjoyment. The photographs and movies she takes to document her daily life (now in New York City) are magnificent and full of charm – as if you were right there laughing, drinking, and eating with her! Her blog is the first one I read everyday, and I am constantly checking in to see what she is wearing, what she has eaten, or what fun thing she has done on the weekend. The absolute best.

 Miss Moss | Sharing Things.

Miss Moss knows what’s up. Her blog, an accumulation of all things she loves, inspired me to start my blog – a place where, I too, can post and share all the things that I come across that I love (my multiple albums on Facebook are starting to overtake my photo albums, and I think are also starting to annoy all my FB friends). Her blog ranges from beautiful photographs of past Hollywood icons to posts of lavishly decorated interiors. I look forward to her entries simply showcasing all the things she likes at the moment; a fun, exciting mis mash of style, photography, and more. 

 Learn Something Everyday

Witty, whimsical, and educational – what more could you ask for! Created by the UK design studio, Young, Learn Something Everyday pumps out daily one random fact along with a cute, clever drawing to go with it. Perfect if you’re stuck in an awkward moment silence, grasping for something to say to break it up. I enjoy sharing these facts with my friends almost as much as I do learning about them.


I could look at images of iconic Hollywood beauties forever. Like any other girl, I love Audrey Hepburn’s style and image; along with Anna Karina, Veronica Lake, and so many more. The heavily eye-lined and mascaraed eye, the eye grazing bang, the simplicity of a cardigan, mini, and pointy toed flat. The perfectly curled hair, pinned back, draped in a luxurious silk gown. Nineteeneighty provides me with photograph after photograph of gorgeous women from decades past, from the 20s to the 60s and beyond, times in which I’d much rather be living in. Feeds my nostalgic soul.


I love, love, LOVE Krisatomic’s illustrations. If I could, I’d fill my apartment with frame after frame of her colorful, charming, ever-so-stylish drawings of well-dressed girls in of-the-moment outfits. Beyond wonderful. Kris also owns a super nice camera and occasionally will post crisp, detailed photographs of trips she’s gone on or weddings she’s photographed. The one and only aspect of her blog that I don’t like is that she doesn’t post enough! But when she does I am so very happy.

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