I have 87 loved items on Modcloth and there’s no doubt in my mind that that list will only keep growing. I check the site everyday (multiple times), always finding a dress I’d dream to have hanging from my closet, a pair of shoes that would look beautiful on my feet, and some quirky household item that I wish to snag for my (new) apartment. I actually do own a dress (black with tiny white polka dots, a sheer black inset at the neckline, daintily puffed sleeves) that I ordered, on sale, last summer that I was finally able to wear for my friend’s engagement party – I held off wearing it for so long because it’s a little snug, but, in my opinion, occasionally one must forgo comfort for supreme style! Anyway, I look forward to wearing it again, as well as to (hopefully) purchasing many, MANY more gorgeous things when I finally have a little bit more spending $$. Hopefully it’s in the near future. And hopefully it includes these items below.



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