Where do I even begin with these magnificent men?!

I’ve grown up listening to Simon & Garfunkel since I was little, but didn’t really start listening to them until I guess about 2 years ago, thanks to my best friend Tova’s extreme love for the duo. My dad bought a “best of” 2 discer and I haven’t stopped listening to it ever since. The cd would play as Tova and I would drive through her neighborhood, singing along with the angelic voice of Mr. Paul Simon, swooning over the harmonious blend of him and Art’s voices, the perfectly poetic lyrics. Comforted by the familiar tunes and soothing sounds my first semester of college while I was feeling nothing but agonizing homesickness. Without them, I would be a nervous wreck driving by myself, but I actually look forward to doing so just so I can listen to them. So heavenly, so wonderful, so beautiful. And beyond.

Lately I’ve had a hankering for The Graduate, featuring Simon & Garfunkel in all their musical glory:

Some of my favorite Simon & Garfunkel songs to download here:
1. Mrs. Robinson
2. I Am A Rock
3. At the Zoo
4. El Condor Pasa (If I Could)
5. Keep the Customer Satisfied
6. Cecilia
7. A Most Peculiar Man (Live)
8. Bookends Theme
9. Scarborough Fair
10. The Dangling Conversation

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