One thing I often spend my time doing on the internet is browsing through illustrations. I even have a folder of illustrators bookmarked on my computer and follow sites that feature only drawings. One illustrator I literally just discovered and had to share right away with you all is Portland based Julianna Swaney.

I would love to have Julianna’s entire collection scattered throughout my future home, a few pieces in every room. There’s something about her work that really entices me – perhaps it’s the Victorian-esque style of all her characters, the light and airy colors, the fairy tale settings, or the whimsical charm of every one of her pieces. I also love that the characters in each of her drawings are either frowning, glaring, or gazing longingly. Julianna’s work is simply enchanting.

So hard to choose which illustrations to feature!

*click image for source*

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