+Dress: Kimichi Blue for Urban Outfitters
+Belt: Target
+Gold T-Straps: Blowfish
+Black Headband with heart detail: Target


Summer is steadfastly approaching down here in the valley (96 yesterday!). Any tips on how to beat the heat?


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7 responses to “WHAT I WORE: SO HOT SUNDAY, MAY 27

  1. jeaneen aldridge

    A very stylish way to beat the heat! You look great as always!

  2. Victoria

    I can’t even remember what extreme heat feels like….I sorta kinda miss it just a little, though. You always have the perfect outfit for the occasion, Nay, and that’s the main thing! You’ll survive the heat! 100% cotton is our best friend!

    P.S. My mom sometimes takes my pictures but I mostly do them myself whenever possible. 🙂

    • No, don’t say that! You wouldn’t miss it if you stepped into it, trust me. When you’re going to be in air conditioning, one can dress up a little bit. But let me tell you that after taking these pictures I was worn out!

      Do you have a tripod?

  3. Victoria

    It’s so windy here by the coast…it’s not fun! I hate wind! I don’t like air conditioning, I just like normal, no wind, no cold, no heat weather.

    Yeah, I have one but rarely use it. I prefer using random tables and stuff.

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