I apologize for the lack of posts recently. Not too much has been going on; mostly staying close to home and watching a lot of The Real Housewives of NYC (In fact, I think I’ve been watching a little too much – last night I had a dream about going on a trip with Jill, Countess Luann, and Sonja).

In the beginning of the week, however, I was quite sociable. Monday my best friend, Tova, and I ditched both our prior plans and went shopping on Bardstown Rd (a street in Louisville filled with a bunch of local shops and restaurants). We were not successful.

Polka dot tank: Urban Outfitters
Navy shorts: Forever 21
Heart headband: Forever 21
Gold flats: Goodwill 

*Photos by Tova*

I snapped some photos of Tova’s outfit as well:

We ended our day trying Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt and watching Mean Girls.(Tova’s pomegranate and peach masterpiece: Instagram @whatnaomiloves)

*Click photos to enlarge*

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