Purple tee & red striped skirt: American Apparel
Watch: Asos
Gold t-straps: Blowfish
Rose headwrap: Belt from my grandmother’s robe
Gold clip: H&M 

Wednesday I tagged along with my friend Adrian to see her boyfriend graduate from high school. She and I are graduates from the same school, so it was a pleasure to run into past teachers, classmates, and friends. I got a little sad when it was over as my nostalgia started kicking in; I happened to enjoy high school immensely and miss and think about it everyday. All post-gloominess aside, I had a lot of fun with Adrian trying to find a seat in the ugly mass that is Freedom Hall and hanging with Tova beforehand.

Congrats, grads!

*Click image to enlarge*


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3 responses to “WHAT I WORE: GRADUATION, MAY 30

  1. Victoria

    Love that skirt & headband, Nay!
    Aw, yeah, I really, really miss high school as well. I don’t understand why a lot of kids are so eager for it to end.

    P.S. On a random note, I ALMOST ALMOST won the best of WNTW dvd set on ebay but at the very last second, someone snatched it from me. GAH!

    • Thanks! I don’t get it either. It’s better in some aspects, but I know a ton of them are going to miss it so much. You don’t get the perks of being at home and a kid like you do still in high school.


  2. Victoria

    Exactly! Plus, all your friends move away or move on.

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