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Monday, Tova and I triumphantly crossed one thing off our summer to-do list: Go to Lynn’s Paradise Cafe. Knowing ahead of time what we were going to order – a plate of Paradise Pancakes to share – we headed on over to Lynn’s. Bright, colorful, explosive Lynn’s. Even though I’ve been there many times before, there’s always one change in the decor – another trinket dangling from the ceiling, another fun piece of artwork hanging on the walls. It’s a nightmare if your attention span runs short, a dream to the fantasy fanatical and eccentric. Pure, clean food fun.

It was our lucky day! We had the pleasure of sitting at the train table (unfortunately the train that frequently rides around the table was out of order).
Every table at Lynn’s usually has a cup of animal figurines to play with as you wait.
Art by Tova.
Things hang from the ceiling.
As well as the windows.
Flamingo glasses at the World of Swirl.

Stay tuned for Part II!


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